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Use Of Technology in The Digital Age in Indonesian Education

Use Of Technology in The Digital Age in Indonesian Education

The development of digital technology in the era of Industry Revolution 4.0 is, of course, very rapid. Further developing innovation and sophistication will greatly help human life. As we know, technology is always connected in human life in this digital age. Technology has influenced and changed people’s daily lives. As a result, Indonesian life today can no longer be separated from digital technology. Technology plays an important and realistic role in the age of the information society and knowledge society.

One of the digital technology applications around us that may be the focus of Indonesian people is digital technology as an affordable and comprehensive e-learning medium. The use of this digital technology can be used as a data processor of information by processing, presenting, and managing learning information. During the current Covid-19 pandemic, distance learning has been forced to accelerate education. The application of learning through e-learning is a new medium that can overcome the passive attitudes of students. Applying e-learning can provide benefits such as access to unlimited learning resources, interaction, delivery, and reception, and the formation of a learning community that is not limited to one.

Digital technology allows Indonesia to improve its nation’s capabilities and knowledge in a faster, more practical, equitable and affordable way across Indonesia. Digital technology makes access to education very easy. In addition, the use of digital technologies described can have a positive impact on the development and application in the field of education, including the emergence of mass media as a source of knowledge and a center of education, especially electronic media. As technology advances, new methods are created that are easy to understand and do not require face-to-face learning systems. The needs of educational institutions can be met quickly. Of course, in the field of education, there are many things and materials that need to be prepared. But with technological advances, all of this is possible in a short amount of time. Providing dynamic, nurturing, interactive media and pedagogical methods is critical to optimally developing student potential. This is because the potential of students is further stimulated by being supported by a variety of media, institutions, and infrastructure that support the interaction processes that are taken.

From an educational point of view, the media is a very strategic tool for determining the success of the educational and learning process. Its presence can directly provide students with their own dynamics. Due to their limitations, people are often unable to grasp and react to abstractions and things that have never been recorded in their memory. To bridge the process of internalization, we need educational media that makes it easier and clearer for students to understand the educational message they convey. The more students are provided with different media, support facilities, and infrastructure, the more educational value they can absorb and digest.

By using digital technology, is certainly very useful in everyday life. Digital technology can build the creativity needed for information technology. Expected advances in technology are the acceleration to get the information we need. The development of digital technology is so rapid that it is difficult for us to control it. Almost every second of digital technology products is made in all parts of the world. Today, every step in life relies heavily on the role of technology as a learning activity in making progress. Knowing some examples of the use of digital technology, it can be said that human life today relies heavily on technological support in its socio-economic life. Technology is evolving so rapidly that we must indirectly use it in all activities.

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