What is UI and UX?

What is UI and UX?

UI and UX. What do ordinary people think about it? Is it the name of any food? Or the name of a planet in space?
First, let’s try to understand the length of UI and UX. UI is the User Interface, while UX is the User Experience. Both relate to the appearance of a website or the appearance of an application.

From its length, we can know that the two are different things. Before discussing UI and UX, let’s first understand the HCI Concept. HCI is a Human-Computer Interaction. This relates to UI or UX Design.

What we do with devices, computers, or laptops so far is part of HCI. When you move the mouse, press the keyboard, move the smartphone screen, gesture, and you can get full control of the device, which is called interaction.

Learning UI / UX Design, we also need to know the interaction of these two things. USER & DEVICE. We have to design how apps, web, and other platforms can be more easily used by users/humans from the interface that is served.

User Interface (UI)

User Interface Design or the Indonesian language User Interface Design is:
Interface design for machines and software, such as computers, household appliances, mobile devices, and other electronic devices, with a focus on maximizing user experience. For simplicity, UI Design is how a website or application you make looks like. People used to call it the appearance or design of a website. You can get design inspiration from behance.com, dribbble.com, or webdesignserved.com.

User Experience (UX)

User Experience Design, or commonly called UX Design, are:
The process of increasing user satisfaction (application users, website visitors) in increasing the usability and pleasure provided in interactions between users and products.

In simple language, UX Design is the process of making a website or application that you make easy to use and not confusing when used by users.

You can learn the basics of User Experience Design on the uxapprentice.com site (in English). But if you want more advanced, you can try to take lessons or any workshop around your city.

Many people misrepresent that UI is the same as UX, even though the two things are different but connected to each other. And the task of the UI / UX Designer itself does not mean that it can only design an app or website that is cool and nice, but how to make the application look simple and easy for people to use in general.

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